Flower Picture of the Day – Delisa Perez

Today’s Flower Picture of the Day comes from Delisa Perez.

She took these photos of Cactus flowers in her backyard and they are simply breath-taking!

You can check out herĀ  Flicker Account or friend her on Google+

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Thanks Delisa for sharing your beautiful flowers!


5 Reasons Bumblebees are like Superheros

1. Bumblebees are saving the world… from starvation!

No – I’m not talking about honey! It is estimated that at least 30% of all the foods humans consume in North America are from bee pollinated plants.

Take a look at the chart below to see some of the impact bees have on our food crops to see their super powers in action!

Crop Value in billions(2006) % Bee Pollinated
Almonds 2.2 100
Apples 2.1 90
Cotton 5.2 16
Blueberries 0.5 90
Grapes 3.2 1
Oranges 1.8 27
Peanuts 0.6 2
Peaches 0.5 48
Soybeans 19.7 5
Strawberries 1.5 2
from:USDA; RA Morse & NW Calderone(Cornell University)

2. Bumblebees defy the laws of science!

In 1934, French entomologist Antoine Magnan concluded that the flight of the Bumblebee was impossible. Seriously – his calculations never revealed the secret of bee flight and he died still confused with the tiny insect’s superpowers.

Sure – modern scientists have some various ‘theories’ about why bees should be able to fly, but they have yet to definitively prove their understanding of bee’s aeronautical capabilities.

However, much like other superheros bees continue to fly along on their daily missions despite our inability to explain how they do it.

We’ve even written songs to honor the Bumblebee’s flying prowess.

Yeah, I think that’s pretty super.

3. Bumblebees have a secret weakness!

Much like Superman and kryptonite, Wonder Woman and her bracelets being tied together (by a man! Seriously. Sexist much?) or Green Lantern’s ring being weakened by the color yellow (I know lame – right?), Bumblebees have a secret weakness.

And despite their main goal being to help us, like all good superhero stories – Bumble Bees have haters!

They try to keep their weakness a secret so humans don’t use it against them, but someone has figured it out.

As a result, Bumble Bees are mysteriously dying at record rates and scientists are not really sure why. Again – there are theories, but the truth is shrouded in mystery.

We can only wonder about the fate of the planet if the villains succeed in their plot to destroy Bumblebees.

4. Bumblebees just look like superheros!

With their bold yellow and black fuzzy bodies and protruding antenna, Bumble Bees just look like aliens ready to save the world!

Frankly, they also look a little scary. I mean you might not think so, but have you really looked closely at a Bumblebee lately?

Striking fear into the hearts of evil-doers world-wide!

5. Bumblebees are weaponized!

Yes, we don’t like to talk about it much, but bees do have the ability to defend their collective wellbeing.

This takes the form of a HUGE stinger and unlike their honey bee friends – they can sting you again and again.

So next time you sit down to a meal or even look outside and behold the beautiful flowers outside, think about the Bumblebees that made that possible.

And remember, even superheros can’t do it alone. So, consider doing your part to help Bumblebees worldwide.


I’ve been asked to be a guest blogger by The Flashion.

They have some very strong opinions – not for the fashion weak at heart.

However, I love them forever because they called me a Fashion Expert.

I think I might put that on my resume now!

Flashionista: Fashion Expert

In any case, I encourage you to check them out and take a peak at the article I wrote for them.

The Flashion – Where Style Happens in a Flash

Our little house chick

She started out like this – cute, fluffy and wobbly.

1 day old Max

And man she was so much fun! She loved to play “attack the feet” while stumbling around and peeping. Adorable.

We tried reintegrating her back into the flock – since everyone was broody.

However, this did not go over well since they instantly tried to peck Max to death.

I know! Poor Max – Right?

This cute little chick was almost pecked to death by her family right in front of me!

We turned to the only option left; letting her live inside the house in a big rubbermaid storage bin.

Max really liked this arrangement.

She learned within a few weeks that she could fly up to the edge of the rubbermaid tub and perch – looking out at us and the dogs.

It wasn’t long before she learned she could jump in and out of the box and sit with us on the couch to watch TV.

Max has no interest in living outside with the other chickens or even interacting with them at all.

Looks like I’ve got one of those fashionable house chickens.

I tried to resist this at first, but Max has other plans. So, I purchased a chicken diaper yesterday.

Yes – a chicken diaper.

I’ll let you know how that goes. Until then, enjoy this video of Max eating watermelon on my coffee table.

I was actually trying to drink coffee on it at the time too, but she was so cute I had to video her instead.

What do you think about the house chicken movement?

Or keeping chickens as pets in general?

New music platform hits America

Spotify is the newest and best way to listen to and share music.

It is not available for wide release in the American market yet – However!

I still have three openings for a free account if you want to be at the cutting edge of trying out this new product.

Click this link to sign up for one of my VIP Invitation spots.


Fedora my lovely little black Araucana hen laid an egg for us today!

This is not her first egg so why am I so excited?

She has been broody for weeks!

Broody (as in the expression “Madder than a broody hen.”) is when a chicken decides she wants to be a mommy.

She lays a little clutch of eggs and hunkers down to hatch them out.

Best case scenario 21 days later – she has babies.

However, my little hens didn’t do a very good job of taking care of their eggs (Hey – they’re new at this!) so none of their eggs developed and I removed them from their nests.

Did this stop them from sitting in the nesting box all day long trying to achieve motherhood? Oh No. Not at all.

They remind me of that story – the little engine that could – because they think they can, but the truth is that they can’t.

So, despite my best efforts to convince them to move off their nests and go about their happy hen ways – they’ve sat still for weeks.

That expression “madder than a broody hen” probably started because they scream and protest loudly if you try to move them from their nesting box. Some hens (I’ve heard – my girls are sweeties.) try to even peck at your hands.

However, after all this time sitting around on nothing I’m starting to think this expression has a dual meaning… as in…

Crazier than a broody hen!

Now, if only Sepia would follow Fedora’s lead and stop being broody/crazy too…

Here is a picture of the first eggs they ever laid! Fedora’s eggs are the most blue pictured on the bottom left.

Stick Figure Bride and Groom

Google is so advanced that they can tell me which keywords resulted in people finding my website.

For days now I’ve been getting – “Stick figure bride and groom.”

This picture:

Is from my blog post Jewish: A Love Story.

Apparently, people are flocking in droves to copy my istock photo image. Strange.

I’d really rather people use different search terms to find my blog like…

Vegetarian or Jewish or well… anything else.

Perhaps, I should not be complaining. Maybe ‘Stick Figure Marriage’ will be the hot new summer trend and soon all the new T-shirts, Messenger Bags and iphone covers will be emblazoned with them.

What do you think – should I perhaps pioneer the Stick Figure Marriage trend?

Start the screen pressing now!