I’ve been asked to be a guest blogger by The Flashion.

They have some very strong opinions – not for the fashion weak at heart.

However, I love them forever because they called me a Fashion Expert.

I think I might put that on my resume now!

Flashionista: Fashion Expert

In any case, I encourage you to check them out and take a peak at the article I wrote for them.

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Summer Love: Sandals

A friend of mine recently turned me on to my new summer sandal selection:

OKA b. – Shoes that love your feet.

These beautiful sandals were founded with the idea that fashion and comfort should not be mutually exclusive. Imagine that!

They set about accomplishing this by utilizing the principals of Reflexology. For anyone who hasn’t heard of that term; Reflexology is an alternative medicine practice that employs the use of applying pressure to certain points of the body to promote health.

They incorporated this philosophy into their design by installing ‘massage beads’ into the ergonomic foot-bed of the sandal.

These shoes are seriously comfortable.

To me there is something singularly special about getting a foot massage from professional and fun looking foot-ware!

However, they really put their best foot forward by offering an environmentally sustainable shoe.

They allow their customers the option of returning any outdated pairs of sandals for recycling into new fashionable foot adornments.

They’ll have your shoe back on city streets in no time while providing you with a uniquely green way of helping reduce your carbon footprint!

 Their other features include:

  • Non-slip and Non-marking
  • Antimicrobial
  • Odor Resistant
  • Made in the USA


They are also 100% Vegan!

Which is absolutely the most positive point about these stellar shoes!

I have a personal commitment to not wearing animals…

This has always been a footwear challenge because I don’t want to give up my femininity either!


These sandals allow me to stand by my ethical beliefs while still also looking super cute running around during the summer swelter. Win-win!









These sandals are as hot as the summer pavement – but they won’t burn a hole in your wallet! At $25 – $40 a pair this environmentally conscience shoe is a very fiscally sustainable option!

So – do you think you’ll be wearing a pair of these soon?

Also, what is important to you about your summer fashion styles?

Do you have a must-have summer product?

Let me know!