Candle Discontinuation Inflames Speculation

My shipment of Yankee Candles I was expecting finally arrived! Now, I’m relishing their delicious Cafe Au Lait scent – so yummy!

Though, much to my shock and annoyance Cafe Au Lait is now a discontinued Yankee Candle scent!

Don’t believe me… just check out their website here.

Without fail – every scent I’ve ever really enjoyed by this company becomes discontinued!

The last time I visited a Yankee Candle store I asked the employee about why this occurs.

She laughed and told me that she understood my complaint and that she herself just “stocks up” to avoid being without her signature scent.

Is that their goal? To have me ‘stock up’ – I’d rather they take Bath and Body Work’s approach to things and keep their stock a little more constant rather than having their customers constantly searching for new favorites as older scents become suddenly ‘discontinued.’

Maybe there is some business strategy to this – keeping their client base on their toes, having them ‘stock up,’ or forcing them check out their new selection.

Perhaps it is a better way of keeping their products in the forefront of their customer’s mind.

Or maybe it creates some sort of exclusiveness that people adore.

“Yes Sally, this scent is divine! Thank you for saying so. Unfortunately, it is limited edition now and no longer sold in stores. So, you won’t be able to find it if you want to use it for when you host next week’s Ladie’s Club Coffee.” Marsha said with a smug superior smile.

“Oh Marsha, you are at the cutting edge of every brand trend aren’t you?” Sally responded with an annoyed fake smile. Silently consoling her pride by remembering how Sally’s blueberry crumble wasn’t the best at the bake sale last month despite the fact that she said it was.

I have a hard time believing that last scenario. Even I can’t believe Yankee Candle would be trying to pit their customer base against each other in a competition for who has the most rare, posh candle fragrance… after-all there are benign reasons for ‘stocking up’ – right?

All I know is that I love this candle fragrance – hopefully, no one will love it enough to ask me where they can buy it and I’m glad I bought two!