Is Your Online-Self in Need of a Makeover?

From my chunky jewelery to my brightly colored hair-clips, I could be Ugly Betty’s less famous fashion-friend.

If you meet me – you’ll know I’m one of those people.

I swear, It isn’t that I don’t know how to color co-ordinate – quite the opposite!

And I promise that I do realize the value of every New Yorker’s all business black attire.

And I assure you – it is more than vainly wanting things to be…


It’s simply that I’m drop-dead, head-over-heels, madly in love with

Color, Patterns and Creativity!

I’m simply devoted to color and creation and I want my passion to show, even in my wardrobe and choice of apartment furnishings – Please, don’t laugh at my orange velvet couch if you come over for drinks!

So, I think it makes sense that in addition to my stellar content (wink-wink), I want my blog’s design to be visually appealing and stunning!

Er… Or if we don’t share the same taste then, at least memorable!

It is for this reason that I give considerable and painstaking thought to every color, picture, pattern and image that graces the pages of this blog.

I’m sure it is also from this vein of passion for sharing and inspiring creativity that Colour Lovers was born.

Color Lovers is an amazing resource that allows users from all over the web to come together and display their love of color by creating, customizing and sharing stunning design elements!

When used well, their bank of already developed patterns, palettes and colors can produce truly stunning results.

You can search through category listings such as:

Wedding, Home, Fashion, Web, Print, Craft, Business – among others!

Or even get inspired yourself and create your own palette or pattern template!

Not only will you get to enjoy the fashion fruits of your labor, so will others. They’ll also be able to comment and show their love for your talents and creative prowess!

I encourage you to be bold and check out what they have to offer – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

So – what do you think?

Are you in the mood for that creativity make-over I know you deserve?


8 thoughts on “Is Your Online-Self in Need of a Makeover?

  1. I -Love- this post! The website you talked about put me in heaven! :) And as a side note, my favorite pattern is a tie between plaid and polka-dots. I have a full outfit with every piece having polka-dots; dress, headband, bracelet, and shoes!

      • Haha, I would have to search. I don’t believe I have a picture of the whole outfit but I know I have a picture with a black pair of boots instead of the polka-dot heels.
        The dots are white on a black background on the whole outfit :)

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