Mad Props!

I want to seriously congratulate my friend over at OnMyWayToHealth.

She has been on a vegan diet for two days and has already lost a pound!

That’s right – she said two days on a vegan diet and she lost a pound – Amazing! Right?

Makes me want to give up my life of dairy and plunge mouth first into the world of fruits and veggies galore… Mmm bananas!

Seriously – why don’t you check out OnMyWayToHealth’s Blog and congratulate her on all her hard work!

Better yet – follow her along as she posts her experiences through this difficult venture and send many encouraging messages so she doesn’t fall back into her dairy eating ways!

Be warned – do not torture her with stories of your recent trip to Wisconsin or tempt her with thoughts of milk chocolate or I shall frown at you.

Also, if you haven’t watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Mostly Dead – do.

I know the title of the documentary is rather morbid, but try and look past it because it brings up some interesting points related to the vegan lifestyles of the drop dead gorgeous!

Seriously – unless they have some ridiculously good camera work – these people lost a ton of weight on a juice diet. They didn’t even die contrary to popular opinion that not eating animal protein will kill you or make you weak and listless.

That’s all for now – I’m off to eat some bananas!


3 thoughts on “Mad Props!

  1. I’m gonna have to check out that documentary! And thanks for the Mad Props!!!
    I’ll admit, the day before I started I went and drank some chocolate milk and we shared a long goodbye before parting ways :)

    • Yeah – let me know what you think of the film. It is streaming on my (hated) beloved Netflix.

      Oh yes – Chocolate Ice Cream would be my swan song! BUT don’t think about that – think about some delicious cinnamon apples or maybe peaches and rice milk oatmeal… Yeah. Those are yummy too! :)

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