Vegetarian Eggrolls

By Request of Sylvia Here is the recipe:

  • Wash, Dry and Grate finely 1 large head of cabbage:

This is most easily accomplished with the help of a food processor. Since most of vegetarian cuisine is basically taking a vegetable and manipulating it into a different shape, form or consistency I splurged for a nice one! And no regrets – I love it forever.

  • Wash, Dry and Grate finely 1 large bunch of carrots:

I can tell you from experience – grate up more vegetables than you think you’ll need. These wraps hold a ton of filling so you’ll go through it fast. Plan ahead to make enough in advance. Plus, the filling freezes easily so don’t worry about surplus.

  • Add carrots and cabbage to skillet. Saute with olive oil and fresh garlic until nicely wilted.
  • Add Liquid Aminos, Soy Sauce or Sauce of choice.
  • Add your favorite veggie protein!

If I’m feeling lazy I’m not too proud to admit that I’ll use MorningStar Farm’s Asian Pattys. If I’m feeling more adventurous I’ll make my own Tempeh mixture. Really – anything you have on hand will probably work well. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

  • Wait for the mixture to cool.

I personally know this one is hard! But it is so much easier to work with the filling if you wait for it to cool down.

  • Squeeze out the excess moisture.

Cheesecloth, Colander – whatever you have on hand. Just get that extra moisture out or you’ll end up with soggy rolls that fall apart! That would be sad after all this hard work – so don’t do it!

  • Prepare your wrappers.

There are commercially available wrappers – they work pretty well. There are DIY wrapper recipes that seem to range from fun and easy to professional and problimatic. Try a few or get the grocery variety. I personally bank on fun or easy whenever possible.

  • Fill and Fold your wrappers. 

Check out YouTube – there are a TON of How To videos when it comes to wrapper folding. I think the most important thing is to just seal all the edges with just a little bit of water. Other than that – wrap however you want. People like the contents of the presents more than the presentation!

  • Heat vegetable oil in an electric skillet to 350 degrees.

Please – wait until the oil is hot before adding your egg roll. Most electric skillets have indicator lights. If you put your rolls in too early they will start to absorb the oil and get well… it is better not to talk about it. Besides that’s not going to happen to you! :)

  • Cook your eggrolls by adding them into the hot fry oil.

Don’t be afraid to turn them and remember they’ll be a little browner after you remove them from the oil than they look in the skillet. If they’re not done enough after you take them out you can always pop them back in for a little while. However, you don’t undo it if you overcook them so be cautious.

  • Remove your eggrolls to a rack or other surface where they can cool and the excess oil can drain off.

Once they’re cooled off – enjoy them! Take pictures! Share with friends!

And make sure to add lots of extra veggies and things that you love to make them your own special eggrolls!


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