Our little house chick

She started out like this – cute, fluffy and wobbly.

1 day old Max

And man she was so much fun! She loved to play “attack the feet” while stumbling around and peeping. Adorable.

We tried reintegrating her back into the flock – since everyone was broody.

However, this did not go over well since they instantly tried to peck Max to death.

I know! Poor Max – Right?

This cute little chick was almost pecked to death by her family right in front of me!

We turned to the only option left; letting her live inside the house in a big rubbermaid storage bin.

Max really liked this arrangement.

She learned within a few weeks that she could fly up to the edge of the rubbermaid tub and perch – looking out at us and the dogs.

It wasn’t long before she learned she could jump in and out of the box and sit with us on the couch to watch TV.

Max has no interest in living outside with the other chickens or even interacting with them at all.

Looks like I’ve got one of those fashionable house chickens.

I tried to resist this at first, but Max has other plans. So, I purchased a chicken diaper yesterday.

Yes – a chicken diaper.

I’ll let you know how that goes. Until then, enjoy this video of Max eating watermelon on my coffee table.

I was actually trying to drink coffee on it at the time too, but she was so cute I had to video her instead.

What do you think about the house chicken movement?

Or keeping chickens as pets in general?


4 thoughts on “Our little house chick

    • I think I’ll have a better idea of my feelings after I see how she reacts to the diaper.

      She is a sweet bird that doesn’t do anything annoying or naughty. Mostly, she just hangs out in her box and comes out to visit us when we’re all relaxing in the living room.

      However, I’m not interested in picking up poo so she’ll have to learn to use clothing or I’m going to have to set up a new coop outside for her.

  1. Oh, fascinating. I’ve never really understood how it came to be that people would keep a chicken indoors, but there you go. Now do you have to wash the chicken diapers? Are there disposable chicken diapers? (Not very earth friendly… hm.) I’ll be watching for updates. I love the little puffy cheeks!

    • All good questions that I’ll be sure to address in the next edition of the escapades of my chicken and her diaperings!

      I think some good photos are needed to adequately explain! I’ll try to post soon – I promise! :)

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