Stick Figure Bride and Groom

Google is so advanced that they can tell me which keywords resulted in people finding my website.

For days now I’ve been getting – “Stick figure bride and groom.”

This picture:

Is from my blog post Jewish: A Love Story.

Apparently, people are flocking in droves to copy my istock photo image. Strange.

I’d really rather people use different search terms to find my blog like…

Vegetarian or Jewish or well… anything else.

Perhaps, I should not be complaining. Maybe ‘Stick Figure Marriage’ will be the hot new summer trend and soon all the new T-shirts, Messenger Bags and iphone covers will be emblazoned with them.

What do you think – should I perhaps pioneer the Stick Figure Marriage trend?

Start the screen pressing now!


4 thoughts on “Stick Figure Bride and Groom

  1. Since posting this a few minutes ago I check and the search terms are way up!

    I guess now everyone is reading this and then going over to google and typing:
    “stick figure wedding bride and groom” to see if this blog pulls up! Amazing! :)

  2. Yes. Admittedly I do get the occasional “cow not food” or “vegetarian Jewish girl”

    This week I did get my first “challah girl” search. I am pretty happy about that!

    I suppose that should even it out, but in my mind I keep wondering why so many people keep searching for such an obscure keyword. What are they all doing with this image?

  3. Hi! I think it’s great that your looking at your blog’s inbound traffic & keywords, shows a lot of commitment – nice job. I thought I’d chime in with a reason why you’re seeing that increase in traffic from “Stick figure bride and groom” keyword string.. It’s actually because of the way that Google recently changed the way Google Image search works. Now, Google Images will load the results in a grid ( – google image search) and upon clicking a result, Google Images will load your page in the background, and show the image in the foreground ( – selected image with your site in background).

    Not a crucial bit of information, but its useful and interesting so I thought I’d share :)

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