Wimp or Warrior?

Paco the Chihuahua attacked a pair of thieves this month. The owner of the store said Paco’s interruption saved him from being cleaned out.

They have the event on tape and the video is going viral.

You can watch the video below.

Over the five years I’ve been with Widget (the smaller of my two Chihuahua girls) I’ve taken a lot of verbal abuse on her behalf.

“Oh, you have a rat.” is a popular taunt. “I thought you said you had a dog?” is another favorite.

Widget on alert for trouble while at a restaurant.

It appears from my experience that Chihuahuas are often seen as being inferior companions or perhaps not even belonging to the category of man’s best friend.

They’re certainly not seen as a ‘guard dog’ or even a threat. In fact, Chihuahuas are often jeeringly called ankle biters or other disparaging names to indicate their lack of strength, size and supposed cowardice.

No wonder this video is an internet sensation – Chihuahuas are underdogs! (Pun intended. Ha)

I live with two Chihuahuas and the actions of Paco do not surprise me.

I know their diminutive size and friendly features belie their warrior attitudes.

Widget has taught me that Chihuahuas are fierce little dogs with brave hearts and deadly instincts.

Widget - Wimp or Warrior?

I’d love to hear you weigh in on the video and give your impressions of Paco the heroic little dog.

Do you think Chihuahuas are wimps or warriors?

I can’t wait to tell Widget what you think!


4 thoughts on “Wimp or Warrior?

  1. LOVED the video! It doesn’t surprise me that the two guys ran quickly. Those little buggers can be nasty! My cousin has had chihuahuas all her life, and they were always fiercely protective of her and her family. Her current chi, Tinkerbell, thinks she is a doberman! I have been nipped more than a few times by Tink when I have gone for a haircut at my cousin’s salon. She doesn’t like me, never has, never will LOL However, she loves kids and is an amazing watch dog. Chis don’t know they are underdogs! :)

    • Thank you for responding – I’m glad you enjoyed the video!

      I’ve never thought of Chihuahuas as family pets since mine seem to fear small children. So, it is interesting to hear that Tink (So cute!) gets along well with her whole family.

      I know from experience that Chihuahuas can be endlessly sweet to those they love.

      Not always true of their response to strangers – I’ll be sure to stay out of Tink’s way and admire her from a distance! :)

    • Aw, Thank you! I’ll be sure to tell her.

      Although, truth be told I think she might already know, but being a diva-dog I think she is keeping her awareness a secret from me… ha!

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