Netflix: How I hate to love you.

Matt Wentworth

Matt Wentworth

Lately, I’ve felt like I’m in some drama-filled teenage romance with Netflix.

Netflix, why are you doing this to me? You know how I feel about you.

Haven’t I paid for your services loyally every single month for over a year now? Haven’t I stood by your side and recommended your service to everyone?

I’ve been true to you – no redbox or cable in my life.

You’re the only one – doesn’t that mean anything to you?

No – I guess the past year we spent together meant nothing to you, Netflix. It is clear now that you were just using me to get what you want.

Too bad I still love you and want you for my own.

Netflix, why must you hurt me?

I’m officially changing my relationship status with Netflix to “It’s complicated.”

I dared to speak against them after their latest announcement along with countless others on the social media outlets and guess what happens?

Total streaming shutdown.

Yes, we dared to speak out against our media overlords and they made us pay for it by denying their services to us for a full Sunday night – a prime watching time.

I feel properly chastened. However, the thing that really has gotten under my skin about this whole thing is not the price increase or the service interruption.

The thing that offends me the most – the lack of communication.

Even though my service was clearly down, all last night Netflix claimed that nothing was wrong on their end.

I went to their website – The Netflix system appears to be working as expected.

Their Twitter help account hadn’t been updated and nothing could be found on their Facebook page related to my service interruption.

Everything was silent business as usual over at the Netflix camp…

I started thinking… “Could this really be a problem with something besides Netflix?” I picked up my phone to call my platform’s help but instead first thought to check Twitter.

A simple search for “Netflix” revealed thousands of posts.

“Hey, my Netflix isn’t working!”

“I checked their website – it says everything is fine, but it’s not!”

“I called Netflix and they wouldn’t answer my call and instead told me to try again later!”

“Is your Netflix working? Or is it just a problem with mine?”

There were other posts as well. Angry, outspoken posts.

I felt myself identifying with the tweets of anger and dismay about first a price increase, then a service outage AND then finally a lack of responsibility from the very company inconveniencing us all in the first place – all in the same week!

How can Netflix be allowed to lie to us?

Imagine if we didn’t have a way of globally communicating the outage – Netflix would have us all fooled into believing their service wasn’t down.

Thankfully – we the people spoke up about the outage on Twitter and Facebook and didn’t allow this company to boldly lie to us.

Netflix has become like a cheating spouse – I still love them, but how can I trust them now?

Can I take Netflix to couple’s counseling?


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