Chicken on my Stovetop!

My silly chicken girl, Sepia, knows nothing about what most people think of a chicken on a stove-top!

I brought her inside last night because she had removed her Hen Saver (aka Chicken Backpack) and it needed to be put back on. She thought this was a perfect opportunity to try perching on the stove-top!

What’s a Hen Saver you ask?

Well they are the self proclaimed leader in chicken saddles.

I suppose the most common follow-up question is – Why would a chicken need a saddle?

Well, to put it delicately (for all those PG13 people out there) our two roosters give our girls lots of affection. So, our girls need a little protection from their talons.

Plus, I love their backpacks! They look so cute running around in the yard with them on.

Here is another photo of Sepia on the stovetop. She is getting annoyed that I’m not feeding her something yummy!

A chicken in every pot? It is a good thing Sepia lives in a vegetarian house!


3 thoughts on “Chicken on my Stovetop!

  1. Saw your comments on my blog and had to pop over and see what’s doin’. Imagine my surprise to see a chicken first thing! You have chickens?! That’s so cool. I’m guessing you live on a farm then? Or at least not city-style?

    • I have chickens!

      I live in a city with population of about 250,000 according to the 2009 census.

      I live exactly nine blocks from the very center of downtown on a fenced 1/3 acre.

      Before I decided to hatch out my little flock I went around to all the neighbors on the block and asked if they’d be okay with chickens and roosters. I was really surprised with the positive feedback I received.

      Apparently the urban chicken movement is really strong in my locale, because I know of many people in my city smuggling roosters and chickens.

      Viva the city-chick! :)

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