Roosters warm the cockles of my heart

In our suburban backyard we have a flock of chickens.

Yes, chickens.

Araucana chickens to be more specific. They are most noted for their pretty blue eggs and funky feather tufts that sprout from either side of their head.

I hatched this little flock in my suburban house last  September and have been enjoying their company ever since!

Here is pirate watching over the yard for any potential dangers.

Here he is again – annoyed I’m photographing him.

Here is another of Baba Yaga – my other rooster. Check out his tufts!

Araucana eggs are notorious not only for their unusual blue shell coloring. They are also said to be very hard to hatch.

I received 10 hatching eggs: 4 never started developing and SIX hatched!

I was super impressed with myself and loved them all so much. However, as the weeks when on I knew I had three roosters.

Now anyone who knows anything about chickens knows that roosters are a little like the Immortals from the TV series The Highlander – There can be only one!

I carefully watched them as they grew fretting about their every little scuffle and finally decided to re-home the most trouble-making of the three.

After he left to join his new flock – my other two rooster boys calmed right down.

They seemed to join forces to keep the girls in line and have developed a wonderful – if strange relationship of shared responsibilities.

My dominate rooster – Baba tends to take care of all the protection aspects of things. Sounding alarms, pushing girls back into line etc.

While my submissive rooster – Pirate seems only interested in breeding with the girls and is fine with Baba doing almost 100% of the crowing and bossing around.

I do worry about them one day deciding they want their own space – but they are 10 months old now and seem super content with each other.

In fact – when the girls are all busy in the nesting boxes the boys will run around the yard together. Just the two of them.

Hunting and crowing side by side not even a foot apart the whole time – even when running. Makes me smile.


9 thoughts on “Roosters warm the cockles of my heart

    • Thank you!

      Feel free to use the image in whatever way you like all I ask is that you credit ‘challahgirl’ as the creator and link to my blog.

      I also love Challah! Super yum!

  1. The pictures of your boys are amazing! What kind of camera do you have? I am thinking of upgrading….also thinking of making a color copy and hanging it the hen house for the girls to admire.
    BTW-love the frozen watermelon idea. I’ve never done much beyond frozen peas, carrots and corn. Thanks for the tip!

    • Thank you!
      Please, don’t laugh at me when I tell you I simply used my phone – it’s a Droid X.

      I think Pirate would love the idea of his likeness being used as a pin-up! He is quite the Don Juan of our yard. lol

      We found this out because we were given a watermelon as a gift. Neither my husband or I eat watermelon so I sliced it up and put it in the freezer so it wouldn’t go bad.

      After I saw how much they loved it frozen during the hot weather – that’s their standard treat now! lol

  2. I’d LOVE to have chickens in our suburban home. The city allows it? And they don’t keep the neighbors up? You guys must live a little ways away from the others? Though in CT, there was a guy who had roosters and chickens in his back yard and we lived in a rural suburb. No one seemed to mind the crowing. I sure didn’t. Didn’t bother me a bit.

    • We’re allowed to have 2 hens legally in the city limits, but I knew I wanted to hatch my own eggs and that I was probably going to end up with a rooster

      So, before I decided to start my “chicken project” (as I think of it now – Ha) I went around to all the neighbors on the block and asked them if they’d mind rooster’s crowing.

      Everyone was so supportive. I was a little shock, but thrilled.

      We do live on a fenced 1/3 acre, but we’re almost exactly 9 blocks from the heart of downtown. Apparently the urban chicken movement is really strong in my city because I know I’m not the only one smuggling roosters. Haha

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