Netflix: Streaming + DVD Rentals no longer Available!

I can’t believe Netflix is doing this to us.

I’m an anti-cable Netflix loyalist who constantly promotes them to anyone who will listen – and I know I’m not alone

You can read about all their proposed changes on their blog here.


8 thoughts on “Netflix: Streaming + DVD Rentals no longer Available!

  1. Well – reading the overwhelmingly negative response does make me feel a little better.

    Maybe – just maybe Netflix will decide to add more content to their streaming subscriptions.

    Or give their long time loyal customers a break on the new pricing structure – say 12 or 13 dollars?

    What do you think?

  2. I think Netflix has just shot themselves in the foot. They are going to lose alot of customers. Hopefully it will hit them hard enough they will change it back.

  3. I have mixed feelings on this. Obviously I don’t WANT to pay more, but I understand why they would go with this pricing structure (licensing rights and bandwidth allocation keep getting harder to secure, though that is counter-intuitive with technological progress).

    A “discount” for combining services would seem the best way to go, and would mirror industry practices of bundling services. $16/month for all that entertainment is still cheap, but I’d prefer $12.

  4. Ah I see you’re a netflix user as well! I do agree that I hate to see this, but.. I’m sure they’ll get kicked over it later and things will be back to normal.

    • @Rickster Thanks for stopping by to have your say. I really hope things at Netflix get figured out soon. I’m really not so sure if they will though, glad to hear you’re holding out hope! :)

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